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What is the importance of having a good business name?

Nov 7, 2021 | Brand Development

By choosing the right name for your business, it distinguishes you from your competitors, creates an emotional connection with your customers and the wider audience and helps build a brand that not only holds their attention, but inspires and values their loyalty. A brand is the audience’s feeling about how a company or product represents their core values and culture through its name, visual attributes and messaging. It is bigger than the name alone, yet the right name reflects and enhances the brand that it represents. 

Before we create a name, it is vital that we fully understand your unique value proposition and identify your core values. We also need to understand your vision for the business and establish a mission statement or core purpose as to why you exist. This will define your journey to reach your vision. Ultimately, when all these creative elements are brought together, they represent your audiences connection to your brand. With this power comes measurable results for your company or product and a long life for your name and brand.

Our naming process is comprised of eight steps: it starts with an analysis of the business or product and ends with the application of the name to appropriate marketing collateral. The first three stages define the brand values that the name will represent. The next three stages will generate, categorise, pre-screen and identify a short list of names that would be appropriate for the company name. Finally, the remaining two stages will explore the name in a creative context by implementing the chosen name graphically into marketing collateral or as we call them; assets.


  1. Who are you
  2. Who is your competition
  3. Brand positioning
  4. Name development 
  5. Filtration
  6. Trademark prescreen 
  7. Creative application 
  8. Name implementation