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The challenge around climate change is one of the biggest threats of our time, putting all of our stakeholders and people in general at risk due to access to clean air, adequate food, safe drinking water, and sanitation. Although small in the grand scheme of things, it means the changes we make towards improving energy efficiency and transitioning to renewable energy across our own service offering, will benefit those who live in the communities where we operate. It also adds to the future success of our business as the actions we take towards a net positive ecosystem, will form the platform for any business or design strategy we work on with our stakeholders. Our goal and approach is informed by science as we focus on avoiding stakeholders whos activities ignore the challenges surrounding climate change and generate excess carbon, further lending to the problem. Therefore, wherever possible, we’re switching to lower carbon alternatives.

Our philosophy for achieving a net positive ecosystem follows these principles:

Taking a comprehensive approach: Our responsibility extends beyond our direct interaction with our stakeholders to the entire life cycle of the services we provide and the understanding of how our value chain operates. Through supplier engagement, we can work with our own suppliers and partners to transition to 100% renewable energy. We also believe that once scaled, this collaboration can unlock climate solutions on a global scale. 

Setting ambitious targets: Our plan to reach a net positive ecosystem by 2030. Therefore, we intend to invest in high quality systems that will drive a carbon neutral solution. We also intend to only use stakeholders within our own supply chain that are also striving to achieve a net positive outcome.

Using knowledge for good: As a strategic design company we have a duty of care to educate our clients about these current challenges, as we believe we sit at the crossroads of brand design, research insights and business strategy. The current knowledge and methodologies we apply also enable us to map out, plan and implement the right sustainabile solutions to meet their business challenges.

Openness: We are committed to sharing our approach through all of our endeavours and as a result, we aim to send a clear signal to our stakeholders to join us on our journey. We also hope to empower our clients in their pursuit of a net positive ecosystem.