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As a solutions provider our services enable us to work as an extension of your team, thus ensuring that our solutions have a strategic impact on how you approach the sustainability challenge. By having an understanding of the challenges, we have been able to apply the same approach to our own business model.

  • Research 
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Positioning
  • Design Strategy

Research: Our research methodologies help us develop out your UVP [unique value proposition] so that we may challenge the dynamic approach to how you undertake your day to day business challenges in a more sustainable way.

Brand Development: As you know, a good brand can help distinguish your companies image with its product or service offering to that of your competitors. This includes your business objectives and how you communicate or engage with your own target market. With the next target of the UN SDG’s fast approaching [2030], companies are under increased pressure to align with these goals. The current foundation of this business was set up with this in mind and every business decision we make, be it a potential investment opportunity or choosing a new supplier, we must first challenge if it aligns with our own mission, vision and purpose before we proceed.

Brand Positioning: Brand perception can make or break you and how you position your brand as a company that aims to be sustainably responsible can have a positive impact on the long term strategy of the business.

Design Strategy: Every business or design strategy enables organisations to examine both the internal or external operational issues of their business. A good strategy must include an awareness and undertaking of your approach towards how you create a net positive sustainable ecosystem. Not only does this create opportunities for your own business, but it is also good for the planet.