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A voucher is now available from your Local Enterprise Office that offers financial assistance of €2,500. It is called a Trading Online Voucher (TOV). Essentially, it’s there to help you grow your business online with help through the Government’s National Digital Strategy Plan.

The vetting process can take up to six months, but if you are successful, then all vouchers are available to a maximum value of €2,500 or 50% of eligible expenditure (net of Vat), whichever is the lesser. You can find out further information through your Local Enterprise Office HERE

Choose a ready-to-go website. We build out-of-the-box solutions.

Are you are a small or medium sized business and you don’t have a large budget for a new website? Well, we have the expertise to deliver the right solutions for you. We undertake the design inhouse and manage a panel of trusted external developers that build websites to showcase and promote your business at a price point to suit your budget. Simply choose a pre built template from a portfolio of websites and let us do the rest.